With more than 1 million of cable television (CATV) subscribers, MBK Partners is the major share holder of Taiwan’s most advanced Multiple System Operator (MSO): CNS, with operations in concentrated regions within northern and southern Taiwan. CNS vision is to upgrade and transform Taiwan’s cable television industry into a state of art fully digitalized and interactive media environment. It also devotes itself into development of value added services such as: broadband networking, digital applications, center of family entertainment and etc, hence becoming the core player of the digital home.

CNS belonging system operators (SO) provides around a hundred of analogue channels and it also introduce digital interactive TV service since the end of 2002. Via customized Set Top Box (STB) design, subscribers were able to receive a whole new experience of digital multi-media content and service. Now, CNS import High Definition TV (HDTV), Pay Per View (PPV), Video On Demand (VOD) and T-Commerce system, hence elaborating service provided to million users into a new digital interaction stage.

CNS sub-company Ko Yin provides bb broadband service via Hybrid Fiber Coaxial (HFC) Network, cable modem is installed into subs residences to enjoy fast and stable broadband service. With integration of Cable system and TV operations, it creates the advance service of “Triple Play”.

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Yonghe, Jhonghe Dist.
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